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Weather Shamanism I & II


Level I: Introduction to Weather Dancing
A form of spiritual ecology – a call to those who care about where our world may be heading, and who sincerely wish to safeguard the health of our planet. Through practices of shamanic journeying, divination, attention, and ceremony we work with the Spirits of Weather directly to find out what they can teach us, what they want from us, and how we can work together on behalf of a viable world for all. (Pre-requisite: Shamanic journey experience)

Level II: Weather in the Middle World
A deepening of our spiritual understanding of the Middle World, our relationship with the spirits of weather, and where we fit into that dance. For this we need to know more about ourselves, and the rainmaker within us. (Weather Shamanism Levels I & II are the pre-requisites for all advanced Weather Shamanism work.)

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