Weather Shamanism

Bridging Earth and Sky for Love of the World

For eons shamans held the respected task of looking after relations between the human community and the beings of Nature.  As a practice of spiritual ecology, weather shamanism is for those who care about the viability of our planet and who sincerely wish to work on behalf of restoration and well-being for our present times  – as well as for a world our descendants can thank us for.

At the heart of weather shamanism is Weather Dancing – the essence of the spiritual relationship, its practice, and ethics. Weather Dancing is also about the metaphor of the Rainmaker – of personal growth and spiritual evolution – of stepping into our potential as True Human Beings.

Through our practices of Weather Shamanism we venture to recognize the true nature of this amazing and complex Middle World that is our home –  and how it works beneath the surface of our assumptions. We utilize the tools, methodology and world-view of core shamanism to explore the spiritual world of Earth and Sky.

Shamans are healers, and our goal is to help heal and deepen our relationships with weather. Through the shamanic journey, practices of attention, divination, ceremony and more, we work in partnership with the spirits of weather to find out what they can teach us, what they want from us, and how we can all work together to help ourselves and the
Earth return to a path of greater balance and well-being.

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