Weather Shamanism

Bridging Earth and Sky for Love of the World

When shamanic practitioners of today are willing to show up to work together – to engage with compassionate spiritual powers of both ordinary and non-ordinary reality – remarkable occurrences of healing can happen.

WEATHER SHAMANISM FOR OUR TIMES… is dedicated to supporting environmental well-being and personal growth through our alliances with compassionate helping spirits and forces of Earth and Sky.

As a primary path of spiritual ecology, Weather Shamanism for Our Times… is for those who care about the viability of our planet and who sincerely wish to work towards a world our descendants can thank us for.

Our general understanding of “climate change” has expanded over the past few decades. More and more countries are stepping up in their willingness to make to at least accommodate the “higher volatility index” of weather and resulting rising sea levels – as well as to attempt to slow the process down, perhaps lessen its severity, dull its edge…

Yet the multi-faceted reality of our world also embraces the spiritual nature of climate change, and so there are other defining edges to this great shift in the weather. Since we live in a relational, reciprocal universe, climate change is also generated by the havoc that comes from a “small-self” centered world-view. It lacks accountability in an expanding world-view embodied in relationship. To shift this too limiting perspective requires softening one’s boundaries – by intentionally, psychically moving from control to acquiescence…

A primal path of meaning lies at the heart of weather shamanism. It reminds us where we come from; speaks to why we are here. It calls for practices and ethics of “awakened acts of reciprocity” and opens our awareness to weather’s gifts of awe and beauty.

When we are willing to show up to work together – to engage with compassionate spiritual powers of both ordinary and non-ordinary reality – remarkable occurrences of healing can and do happen.

During those eras of greater awareness of our kinship with Nature, it was accepted that shamans – when necessary – could influence a course of weather. This ability, this calling, to “work with” weather is coming around again. The path of Power and Beauty – the ancient knowing/world-view of our ancestors – still exists, stored in our stories and in our DNA .

As such, weather shamanism, through embodied experience, inspires – shouts – for our personal growth and spiritual evolution. The metaphor of weather dancing – movement from stasis to the dynamic, co-creative flow in the River of life – whispers to our souls as True Human Beings.

We all live within the realm of weather. As the connecting, sustaining breath of our world, we constantly breathe weather in and out. Through practices of weather shamanism we venture to recognize the true nature of this amazing and complex Middle World that is our home – and how it works beneath the surface of our assumptions. We utilize the tools, methodology, and world-view of “core shamanism” to explore the spiritual reality of Earth and Sky.

Shamans are healers, and the trunk of the great tree of their work was – and is – to look after good relations between the human community and those inhabitants of their environs – seen and unseen. They understood the reciprocal nature of this world and how all of life is related. The shamans knew that their people could only live well if the environs and those therein were also well. Likewise, that any healings within the human community would affect the well-being of the environs. They lived with the deep knowing that “a healing for one is a healing for all.”

The core goal of this program is to expand and deepen our relationships with Earth and Sky. Through the shamanic journey, practices of attention, deep listening, ceremony and more, we work in partnership with the spirits of weather to find out what they can teach us, what they want from us, and how we can all work together on behalf of a viable, nurturing world for all.

The challenges of climate change we face today are but the beginnings of those our children and children’s children will have to live with.

Every step we take now counts on their behalf.

A Shamanic Path of Discovery, Personal Growth, Meaning of Life and Global Healing.

A form of spiritual ecology – a call to those who care about where our world may be heading, and who sincerely wish to safeguard the health of our planet.

A look at our culture’s relationship with weather – including our own – and a critical opportunity to expand our world-view beyond the confines of our mainstream perspectives.

An invitation to resurrect the venerable and respected task of the shaman to ensure good relations among the living communities of humans, beings of nature, and the local spirits of our home realm, all my relations.

May we whisper it to the winds.


A deepening of our spiritual understanding of the Middle World and our relationship with the spirits of weather. We begin to explore the connection between spirit and form, the whirlwind of chaos and order, and where we fit into that dance of cocreation. For this we need to know more about ourselves, and the True Human Being within us.

In Level II our aim is to approach weather shamanism with a high degree of awareness. This quality of deep attention, and full-embodied respect is essential for relating with Middle World spirits and powers.

It is the “knowing” path of direct experience.


In this circle we approach weather shamanism with a focus on personal awareness – so that we can better recognize our typical, automatic behaviors, and to uncover what’s really driving us – our hidden motivations. Our quest for personal meaning makes way for awakened acts of reciprocity that inspire awe and beauty in our lives.

This awareness is essential for relating with the Middle World spirits and powers, and to effectively practice weather shamanism in compassionate and ethical ways.

We continue to deepen our knowledge of the Middle World and its Principles of Co- Creation.



*** Please note that this series is a continuation of our quest for knowledge, personal growth and effective practices along this venerable path. It is a river, not an endpoint. Its core is respectful Relationship and the heart of its practice is “on behalf of…” And, like the weathers of our world, the content of these circles continues to change and evolve! 5 Participants can go as far as their commitment and the willingness of helping spirits to provide support and teachings will take them.***


…aligning with the compassionate power of Storm for personal healing and growth.

This circle aims at deepening our understanding of Weather’s capacity to teach us about the meaning of Life – why we are here, and how we can be of benefit to this world from the perspective of our greater connected self – our true potential as a fully embodied human being; what the old ones recognized as the “worthies.”

Weather is always throwing Power and Beauty our way – how do we typically respond – and what happens to us when we get a response from the seemingly impersonal weather?


Investigation of “weather working” – its mystery and miracle… from the perspective of weather worker to Rainmaker to Weather Whisperer.

…finding our way on the path of becoming deep friends with the realms we live in, the nature of Power in the Middle World…


Aligning with weather’s compassion…

The Healing Heart of Weather circle offers opportunities to discover how weather shamanism and spiritual healing complement and enhance each other. Through seasoned relationships, weather shamans and their trusted helping spirits can most effectively work together on behalf of a viable world for all.

Together we cultivate an expanded focus on matters of healing with the power of weather. In alliance with the wisdom of compassionate spirits of weather, we explore and co-create methods and tools to experience for ourselves how weather heals – and how we can help people and all beings – animate and inanimate – through our tried and true relationships with the spirits and forces of weather.

COMING INTO THE CIRCLE of initiation and meaning

As a culmination of the experiences, explorations and workings of the previous circles, this meeting is an opportunity to recognize ourselves and each other as a circle – a community – in a dedicated alliance with the spirits and forces of Earth and Sky.

This offering provides circle time together as well as solo opportunities outside in the real world of Nature – for purposes of making ourselves available to the potential of Nature’s gifts found only in direct experience.

Sourced in an indigenous worldview, yet informed by our times, we track the essential path of meaning – seeking restoration of our culture’s withered relationship with ancestral spirits… purified and bathed in the primal forces of that relational breath we call “weather.”

As always when working with the Spirits, our first and foremost responsibility is to show up – and with good hearts. Beyond belief and faith, the way of the River and those of Power have their own timing and trajectory.